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Corona (2014):Corona_2

  1. Still no sunrise
  2. Eclipse
  3. Infinite skies
  4. Enigma

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Reset (2013):

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  1. Reset
  2. Broken silence
  3. Clear horizon
  4. Predestination paradox
  5. Flare

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Obsidian hearts (2012):

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  1. Obsidian hearts
  2. Parallel lines
  3. Nova (Samples: looperman_acapella_150060_2421.wav by ‘FutureAnalysis’ on
  4. Takeover
  5. Cobalt

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  1. Before the sun dies
  2. Leap of faith
  3. Refractions (Samples:
    Funk Drums For A5-G6-9-G-A by ShortBusMusic, Singing Drums by Paradoxal on
  4. Progressive collapse
  5. Down below
  6. Faith (Samples:
     Katy_Sings_Melisma_1 by digifishmusic on
  7. Xenophobia
  8. Orbital storm
  9. Beyond the timeline
  10. Bug in the system
  11. Launch 37
  12. Core
  13. Floating
  14. Coincidence
  15. Runaway
  16. Ultimate ambience
  17. Universality
  18. Theme 1.4
  19. Mogd
  20. Furious dream
  21. Hunter in paradise
  22. Beloved
  23. Downbeat
  24. Dreamgate
  25. Insomniac
  26. The darkside
  27. The uprising
  28. What is rock
  29. Gain ground
  30. Warfare
  31. On the road
  32. 4 AM
  33. Base
  34. Approaching horizon
  35. Airy
  36. Base 2

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3 Responses to Music

  1. SkinnyPony says:

    Your music is awesome! I have been listening to your songs for a week now.

  2. I love your music+maps! The music browser is very easy to use, and loads fast! Thank you!

  3. TimeSapper says:

    Words can’t describe how much I love the songs you have here! It’s hard not to listen to some excellent pieces like “Leap of Faith” in Resonance and “Infinite Skies” in Corona. Keep it up!

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